Peace After Trauma webinars for Bundles for Good

Peace After Trauma webinars – for Bundles for Good 2017

Thanks for visiting, and thanks for supporting Bundles for Good and Peace After Trauma! As a buyer of the 2017 Bundles for Good promotion, you were provided with a coupon code for the free download of 5 webinars from Peace After Trauma. Click the “Add To Cart” button below, and enter your coupon code in the shopping cart to redeem this offer.

5 Webinars from Peace After Trauma

  • Webinar #1: Five Myths About Trauma that Will Undermine Your Resilience with Elaine Zook Barge and Carolyn Yoder
  • Webinar #2: Finding a Healing Justice to Address Trauma with Howard Zehr PhD
  • Webinar #3: The Healing Power of Combining Conflict Transformation and Trauma Awareness with Jayne Docherty PhD
  • Webinar #4: Addressing Trauma to Build Lasting Peace: Learning from Burundi with David Niyonzima PhD
  • Webinar #5: Compassionate Witnessing with Kaethe Weingarten PhD

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