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PeaceAfterTrauma provides evidence-supported education and training to help individuals, communities and societies respond to the heartache and violence of our world with justice and conflict-informed trauma tools. The core of all our resources is a cutting-edge framework called STAR (Strategies for Trauma and Resilience).

STAR is not your usual trauma training.

STAR integrates practical ideas from fields that usually are separate: trauma, restorative justice, conflict transformation, human security, and spirituality to build resilience. For more than 15 years, this neuroscience-based approach has proven applicable and adaptable to trauma-impacted populations across a wide range of cultures and traditions.

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The Trauma Resources pages introduce you to the key STAR ideas.

Prefer a class format? The six-hour STAR-Basics self-paced course introduces you to key STAR ideas and is packed with practical tools and exercises you can use immediately. Help yourself, your community or the staff of your organization go from, “I don’t know what to do” to “transforming trauma.”

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Read on below to learn more about the course and how communities and people around the world have benefitted from STAR.

STAR has equipped thousands of people on five continents to address trauma in their communities.


Northern Ireland

New Zealand


What people are saying about STAR

The cycles of violence part of the STAR model explained the intense disquiet I have always had about things that happened in my life and in the lives of my ancestors. It is the only thing I have ever found that made sense of those feelings and gave me a way forward.

Some years ago I was asked by the Red Cross to respond in a local tornado disaster. In spite of my education and experience, I was overwhelmed and had no idea how to be helpful. Then I heard about STAR. It was everything I was looking for. I know of no other training that integrates how to be trauma-informed, resilient-oriented and restorative-focused setting the stage for authentic healing and possible reconciliation.

Donna L. Minter, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist and Certified STAR Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

Facilitating trauma healing workshops in Ethiopia and Cote D’Ivoire, I am so grateful for the STAR-Basics course. The tools are very powerful, especially when we use them in experiential education and draw experiences from the group. I learn and relearn afresh from them at every new training I conduct.

Philip Kakungulu, Trauma Healing Cycles trainer, Uganda

What STAR participants report after completing training

  • Increased knowledge and tools for dealing with trauma

  • Understanding that my individual/group reaction to trauma is normal

  • Personally transformative, life changing

  • Increased optimism

  • Strengthened to become positive agents for change

  • Significantly lowered anxiety levels

  • Learned tools and processes that could be applied immediately

  • …and more!

When you buy the course, you’ll immediately receive

  • Practical tools and exercises you can use immediately
  • Cutting edge best practices for addressing trauma and building resilience relevant to individuals, groups and whole societies
  • Handouts that can be used in teaching others
  • Lessons you can complete at your own convenience and pace
  • Downloadable video (mp4) and audio (mp3) recordings of each class session you can review time and again
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About your instructor, Carolyn Yoder

I’m the Founding Director of STAR (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I’ve spent nearly three decades living, working, and learning in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and at home in the United States.

My passion is contributing to building more awake and peaceful societies through supporting trauma-impacted individuals and communities in addressing trauma and interrupting cycles of violence, thus reducing future trauma. I believe this requires skills in active non-violence and restorative justice combined with brain/body tools from neuroscience and psychology. It is enhanced by a consciousness of the dignity of all, even those we see as “the other.”

I invite you to join me and thousands of others on this life-enhancing journey.

Read more about Carolyn and STAR ยป

Here’s the course outline

Session 1

Types and causes of individual and collective trauma
Exercise: Assessing our own situations

Session 2

What’s normal? Trauma’s impact on brain/body, beliefs and behaviors
Exercise: Recognizing lower brain states in ourselves and others

Session 3

The high price of ignoring trauma: cycles of violence
Exercise: Identifying cycles of violence from unaddressed trauma

Session 4

The healing power of acknowledgement, truth, and mercy
Exercise: Exploring your own story, the story of the other and a new slant on forgiving

Session 5

The healing power of combining justice and conflict transformation tools with trauma awareness
Exercises: Restorative justice questions to address trauma and four responses to conflict

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Free download of the three-part STAR framework
(1) The Trauma Experience, (2) Cycles of Violence from Unaddressed Trauma,
(3) Breaking Cycles of Violence: Building Resilience
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