Individual consultations / Your time to listen deeply

Feeling lost, alone, or tired?  Have an idea or vision percolating that you can't quite put into words? Finding it difficult to get quiet enough to hear beyond your whirling thoughts?  Whatever the reason, this consultation time is your time.

  • Confidential self-care for you, your concerns, questions, or vision
  • Space to listen deeply to what your body, mind, heart, and spirit is telling you
  • Wellbeing strategies and practices for you, your family, or organization

Your consultant, Carolyn Yoder

Welcome! I believe that the world is in a transition of mythic proportions. In the words of Charles Eisenberg, "We are in a time of not knowing. The story we having been living is coming unhinged. We are in the space between stories."

Who are you called to be in this space? How are you called to serve?

In your sessions, I am a witness, a listening presence, helping you hear not only from your mind, but from your body, heart, and Spirit.

I draw from ways of being and seeing learned along life's way, and from my professional training as an educator and licensed psychotherapist in private practice. I’m the Founding Director of STAR (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience), an international training program. I've spent nearly three decades living, working, and learning in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, and at home in the United States. I've experienced deep joy and fulfillment. And I've experienced burnout, trauma, and chronic illness. All have been teachers.

My passion is contributing to building a more awake and peaceful world through supporting trauma-impacted individuals and communities in addressing trauma and interrupting cycles of violence. This reduces future trauma.

Healing work in the world is done by extraordinary ordinary people like us. That's why I see one-on-one sessions as a crucial part of my work. You influence people in your home, classrooms, organizations, congregations, and communities. You are making a difference. Your wellbeing matters.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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Welcome!  Please let me know times when you are available in the next week. Also, in a few sentences, tell me a bit about you and the concern you want to address.  Thank you!  Carolyn

The fee for this 60-minute session is $150.

Individual consultation