Self-Paced Courses

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STAR-Basics self-paced course (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience)

Become trauma-informed. Learn to distinguish what reactions after trauma are normal, and what beliefs and behaviors are cause for concern.  Walk away with tools to help yourself, your family and your community live in life-enhancing ways in the midst of a turbulent world.

The course includes:

  • Five hours of class sessions in video format
  • Exercises to use with individuals or groups
  • Handouts of the PowerPoint slides and more
  • Resource list
  • See course outline

Purchase includes lifetime access to the downloadable files. Recorded fall of 2016, these core concepts and exercises are timeless.

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Webinar Series - When Terrible Things Happen: Helping Yourself /Your Community Address Trauma and Build Resilience

Four hours of webinars, with a bonus audio recording on staying resilient in a world where shock and trauma are all too common.

Join Carolyn and expert guests as they discuss how being trauma-informed combined with tools from neuroscience, restorative justice, conflict transformation, and security help trauma-impacted individuals and communities move toward healing.

Purchase includes lifetime access to the downloadable files. These concepts and lessons learned, recorded in 2017, are more relevant than ever. See the series outline.

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STAR Basics - session info

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Session 1

Types and Causes of Individual and Collective Trauma


Session 2

What’s Normal?  How Trauma Impacts the Body, Brain, Beliefs, and Behaviors


Session 3

The High Price of Unaddressed Trauma: Cycles of Violence


Session 4

Breaking Cycles of Violence: The Healing Power of Acknowledgment,Truth and Mercy


Session 5

Breaking Cycles of Violence: The Power of a Healing Justice and Conflict Transformation

Webinar Series - When Terrible Things Happen - session info


Webinar 1

Five Myths About Trauma that Will Undermine Your Resilience with Elaine Zook Barge and Carolyn Yoder


Webinar 2

Finding a Healing Justice to Address Trauma with Howard Zehr PhD


Webinar 3

The Healing Power of Combining Conflict Transformation and Trauma Awareness with Jayne Docherty PhD


Webinar 4

A Case Example of Addressing Trauma to Build Lasting Peace: Learning from Burundi with David Niyonzima PhD


Webinar 5

Compassionate Witnessing with Kaethe Weingarten PhD