Live online group trainings


Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR), Restorative Justice, and Self Care Trainings 

Length: Varies from 2 hours to 40 hours

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Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR)

Length: 4.5 days

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Online or in-person

Addressing the Impact and Trauma of Migration (AITM) / Abordando el Impacto y Trauma de Migración (AITM) 

Length:  Five 90-minute online sessions, in English or Spanish or two days in- person

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Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR) and related training  

Enhance your resilience by understanding how trauma impacts an individual or group's brain, body, beliefs, and behavior. Learn to transform the energy of trauma into nonviolent action with justice, conflict, and neuroscience-based tools. Discover ways to help yourself and those you influence address current and historic trauma.  Apply principles of restorative justice to situations and systems that harm.

Online two-hour to multi-week 40-hour courses of STAR, Restorative Justice, or Self Care through Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute (MPLI).

Trainers: Donna Minter Ph.D. and Crixell Shell MS

Continuing education credit is available for most training.


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In-person 4.5 day STAR and online options at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding,  Eastern Mennonite University (CJP/EMU). Continuing education credits are available.

Trainers: Katie Mansfield PhD and STAR Team

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  • Expand your understanding of the interplay of resilience and trauma
  • Learn how justice and conflict transformation processes are integral to addressing systemic trauma
  • Walk away with new ideas on how to help yourself and your community

Participant feedback about STAR Intro trainings:

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! It was an excellent balance of valuable information and critical reflection,  Kudos on a great training!

This training gave me hope, helped me feel energized to have new information... ..Very well done, thorough, and clearly presented high-level overview of extremely complex topics.

I hope and pray that your work will be blessed and multiplied at this difficult time in history. Thank you!

Participant feedback for Tapping Amidst Uncertainty 

When it feels like so much is out of our control, this class provided clarity and tools that allowed me to move head, heart, and body space from feeling stuck to having choice.
- Nessa S, Non-profit professional

I gained conceptual and also practical tools for cultivating resilience in my life and community. It was not a magic solution to all my struggles but it gave me direction in where to look next and explore.
- Anna, Musician

This class provides a set of tools needed to wrestle with our emotions and their effects on our bodies. It provides a space to strengthen our resilience and our power as we become aware of what we feel, name why we feel it, and love ourselves compassionately.
- Eliana, Social worker

Five 90-minute sessions online or 2 days in-person

Offered in English or Spanish through Humanitarian Development Partnerships 

In this impactful training the Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience approach---neuropsychology restorative justice, and nonviolent conflict transformation---is applied to the trauma of migration. Utilizing practical tools and interactive learning, this training can be customized for refugees and immigrants or for staff of organizations that work with them.

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Your trainers: Saulo Padilla and Elaine Zook Barge

Elaine ZB