Star-Basics Class

The Self-Paced STAR-Basics Class

A practical justice-informed, conflict-informed approach to addressing trauma and building resilience in individual communities and countries.

Stuck, discouraged or just in need of fresh ideas for working in your context? Give yourself/your staff the gift of evidence-supported STAR-Basics (strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience) training.


  • Practical tools and exercises you can use immediately
  • Cutting edge best practices for addressing trauma and building resilience relevant to individuals, groups and whole societies
  • Handouts that can be used in teaching others
  • Lessons you can complete at your own convenience and pace
  • Downloadable recordings you can review time and again
  • Training without travel, hotel costs or time away from home and work

From “I didn’t now what to do” to “transforming trauma
Some years ago I was asked by the Red Cross to respond in a local tornado disaster. In spite of all my education and experience, when I got to the site I was overwhelmed and had no idea how to be truly helpful.
Then I heard about STAR. It was everything I was looking for. I know of no other trauma training that integrate how to be trauma-informed, resilient-oriented, and restorative-focused setting the stage for authentic healing and the possibility of reconciliation.
Since 2010 I have taught STAR in Minnesota, California, and internationally to empower individuals and organizations to transform psychological trauma into nonviolent power.
-Donna L. Minter, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Minneapolis, MN

“The STAR model explained this intense disquiet that I always had.”
We all experience trauma f some kind at some point in our lives. 
Many things that have happened in my life and in the lives of my ancestors, things that didn’t even happen to me, affected me very deeply and I never understood why that was.
The cycles of violence part of the STAR model explained this intense disquiet that I always had. That infinity symbol was the only thing I have ever found that made sense of that feeling and gave me a way forward. 
-Sharon Leslie Morgan, Writer and genealogist, co-author of Gather at the Table: The Healing Journey of a Daughter of Slavery and a Son of the Slave Trade

Cycles of Violence

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Session 1
Types and causes of trauma for individuals and groups
Exercise: Assessing our own situations

Session 2
What’s normal? Trauma’s impact on brain/body, beliefs and behavior
Exercise: Recognizing lower brain states in ourselves and others

Session 3
The high price of ignoring trauma: cycles of violence
Exercise: Identifying cycles of violence from unaddressed trauma

Session 4
The healing power of acknowledgment, truth, and mercy
Exercise: Exploring your own story, the story of the other and a new slant on forgiving

Session 5
The healing power of combining justice and conflict transformation tools with trauma awareness
Exercise: Restorative justice questions to address trauma and four responses to conflict

Key findings from STAR evaluations*
Participants reported:

– Increased knowledge and tools for dealing with trauma
– Normalized individual and group experience of trauma
– Personally transformative, life changing
– Increased optimism
– Strengthened to become positive agents for change
– Significantly lowered anxiety levels
– Learned tools and processes that could be applied immediately
*see STAR: The unfolding Story 2001-2011

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